Immediately after installation of hardware on your tanks you may expect following features and functions:


Tank Traceability & Data Presentation:

Tanks can be visually tracked on web application, shown as landmark balloon on Google maps correlating to exact installation position. When pointing with a cursor on the chosen tank / location, the content along with ambient temperature will be immediately presented. Click to detail page and you may see the tank level, and hourly consumption profile for the chosen period.

Data Management

Self-service options and on demand functions:

  • The user can export Excel or CSV. files type pertaining to tanks’ contents.
  • The web application can deliver automated transmissions, daily to other IT systems in preferred format.
  • The software solution is very flexible, and can be remotely adjusted and supported; reflecting on individual sites requirements (alarm thresholds, transmission frequency etc.).
  • The transmission frequency can be set individually according to consumption activity (e.g. slow consumption tanks – once a day, unpredictable consumptions – twice or more).
  • Generally, it is enough with once a day transmission, as the system generates notifications at refilling levels (e.g. 20% or 25%, and critical level e.g. 10%). Number of recipients (SMS and/or emails) is not limited.
  • Besides refilling notifications, the software solution can generate alarms for rapid level decrease (leakage or theft) and rapid level progress (supporting detection of unauthorized filling).
  • The system administrator receives a daily performance report. In case of improper function, the red color appears on allied installation. The diagnostic and troubleshooting can often be organized remotely (if not physical damaged).

Logistics Management

Knowing current tank levels and consumption profiles allows distributors to transform logistics from random to scheduled delivery routes.
It can assist in iuding calculations for bob trailers, leaving depots full and coming home empty.
Automated orders creation: reliving call divisions from consumer’s phone calls by predicting requirement for delivery.

Return of Investment

Implementation of the system guarantees ROIs in a very short period (months or even weeks) and significantly contributing to consumer’s satisfaction and loyalty.