Heat Metering

Smart Heat Metering

IMR System developed by AIUT has been produced for many years and is dedicated for remote readout of water and heat meters. Its main advantages are easy installation and ease of operation.

System advantages:

  • Improvedquality of customer service
  • Possibility of remoteconsumption-based billing of individual and commercialcustomers 
  • High qualityremotereading system with accurate and flawless daily data transmission 
  • Easyinstallation on varioustypes of meters, including Kamstrup, Siemens, Landis&Gyr, Itron, Apator etc.

Heat metering system by AIUT ensures flawless data transmission between water and heat meters and the management software. The system comprises on-site devices, such as battery powered or mains powered OKO 5585 and one or more communication modules, such as AKAM, ALAND, APAT, AKFAP, ACTAR communicating with IMR system.

The meter data is transferred remotely using wireless transmission protocol (IMS 868), or transmitted by wire (IMR BUS, MBUS) to OKO data logger, which then transmits it via GSM to the server. The acquired data can be further proceeded by other systems or management applications, such as BILING, SCADA, GIS, ERP (with dedicated interfaces).


shm scheme

HeadEnd System for data acquisition, analitics, and presentation

It’s a high class application developed for readouts, configuration and communication management. Designed to meet business requirements, the platform supports devices using various communication protocols.

imr hes

OKO 5585

Telemetric device, collecting data from radio communication modules and transmitting it via GSM to telemetric server.
• Hourly readouts and diagnostic data, transmitted with variable frequency, depending on individual needs
(typically once per day), presented on a web portal
• Readouts from 6 heat meters and one water meter in a single heat hub
• Ability to detect anomalies in the operation of heat distributing network
• Battery powered (operation time up to 10 years) or mains powered supply (230V)
• Possibility of additional metering any water meter equipped with pulse transmitter (reed)
• Optional IMR BUS cable transmission
• Optical diagnostics port: OPTO Port


Radio modules for heat meters

• Data transmission from most of the available heat meters
• Data parameter readout: energy consumption, cumulative volume, current flow in and flow out temperatures, current flow, current power, work time, work time with error, heat meter error codes, serial number etc.
• Radio transmission (ISM 868 MHz) or cable
• Battery powered (operating time up to 5 years) or direct cable connection
• No need for on-site configuration
• Very easy installation

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