Smart Water Metering

Created and provided by AIUT, IMR system is intended for remote reading of water meters installed at the water supply connections in commercial, individual housing, industrial objects and high-rise housing. The System is quick to install and easy to operate.

System advantages:

  • Improved quality of customer service – no need to visit consumer’s premises 
  • Possibility of remote consumption-based billing of individual and commercial customers 
  • High quality remote reading system with accurate and flawless daily data transmission 
  • Significant decrease of water loss due to early detection of leakage and manipulation attempts 
  • Ability to adapt to preferred types of meters and meter suppliers 
  • Flexible financing model of the investment (purchase, lease)

Smart Water Metering by AIUT is an innovative solution that improves the work of companies managing water supply infrastructures. The System comprises: APULSE-W radio extension, OKO 55x5 - mobile data gateway and IMR application for data storage, its analysis and visualisation. Thanks to an open infrastructure, the stored data can be further processed by billing systems, SCADA, GIS and ERP.

SWM scheme 2