Independent solutions for remote monitoring of fuel tanks

Optimize and automate your business, reduce delivery costs, increase control over your customer payments. All thanks to the AIUT advanced remote monitoring systems for fuel and utilities.

Achieve more:

  • Cost reduction
  • First-Minute delivery
  • Global supply tracking
  • Right out of the box
  • Never lose your data
  • Our devices
  • Data as a service (RMR)
  • Consumption control

Cost reduction

We transform data into information, which then can be interpreted as profitable decisions for your business. That's how you reduce costs.


First-Minute delivery

Increase productivity while reducing costs and improving the quality of services.


Global supply tracking

The system allows for remote monitoring of transported fuel, including tanker route tracking and control of the product itself during the transportation.


Right out of the box

Ready-made solutions for your business. Super-fast sensor installation and system commissioning.


Never lose your data

Gain new business knowledge along with free access to current and historical data on fuel consumption.


Our devices

Discover our intelligent, certified devices and convenient applications for managing AIUT solutions.


Data as a service (RMR)

Invest in information that is valuable for you. As for watching over the correct operation of the system and devices - leave it to us.


Consumption control

Gain full control over timely payments among your customers. Secure your fuel.