AIUT creates comprehensive solutions for the automation of industry. We design intelligent systems for remote monitoring of fuels and utilities with the use of deep data analysis.

We design and implement intelligent enterprise management systems, using the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies, among others.

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Research and development

We introduce new, advanced products and services in the field of IoT and industrial automation. Meet our research and development department.

Data Center

AIUT servers provide data security, as well as flexibility and performance of applications in local and hybrid environments.

Advanced services

Advanced AIUT technologies in Industry 4.0: virtual implementations, intelligent robots, resource localization and enterprise management systems.

Commissioning and tests

We carry out turn-key implementations of advanced industrial automation along with testing phase at our headquarters.

IT Systems

Optimize processes with advanced systems for industry and business. Discover solutions and possibilities.

IoT Networks

Our IoT solutions are adapted to work with the latest available transmission technologies - including LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Industry 4.0

We provide advanced solutions for industry and business. Ask about remote implementations.


Manage comfortably. Gain full control over business and task implementation, thanks to advanced AIUT applications

Detection systems

AIUT systems alert you on even minimal leaks of fuel from tanks at fuel stations,as well as on gas, water and district heating network failures.

Big Data

AIUT Big Data platforms operate on based on the latest, intelligent technologies. All for the development of your business.

Business Intelligence

AIUT helps to shape business processes and control them effectively - all based on advanced data analysis.

Software and data integration

We develop high-end systems and applications for business management, including production and business processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover our intelligent solutions and robots supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols.

Transmissions technologies

Our IoT ecosystems are based on the latest available data transmission technologies, including LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Robotized production lines

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized production lines and stations for IoT devices.

IoT Ecosystem

Solutions that can work for you: intelligent monitoring ecosystems, locations and remote reading in IoT technology.