Advanced services

We provide advanced industrial automation solutions, including intelligent production lines and business process optimization systems. We use virtual commissioning technology for full simulation of the production process before implementation at the customer's site. The Research and Development Section of AIUT is responsible for designing, prototyping and marketing intelligent IoT services and devices.

We build Factories 4.0. Our applications, systems and designs of machines and robots are advanced solutions, created on the basis of highly developed technologies. We have our own research and implementation laboratory and data analysis center.

AIUT technologies allow to build and implement robotic production lines and automated, mobile technological lines, which are an extension of the main production process. We specialize in advanced control systems and construction of specialized machines and installations to meet customer needs. Our solutions enable self-regulation of processes, learning and intelligent analysis of the robot's working environment. Our capabilities include:

  • development of processes
  • feasibility check
  • proof of concept
  • prototyping
  • virtual commissioning
  • smart access control
  • remote location of company resources, including people

Industries involved

Fuel industry

We provide advanced monitoring of LPG tanks at gas stations and control of deliveries from the terminal to the customer.

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernize industrial installations based on our own solutions and devices. We provide remote monitoring of LPG tanks at service stations

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stations for the production of IoT devices.

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