Manage your business efficiently and comfortably. Gain access to information about customers, installations and devices in a friendly, individually tailored form and scope.

SIMAX is a web application designed to visualize the measurement and diagnostic data that can be implemented on-premises or shared in the cloud.

Manage comfortably

Thanks to this solution every company is given individual access and data area to browse. The application enables to organize the data in the context of selected distributor and gives the user access to a wide variety of management tools such as:

  • Creating new locations
  • Editing location data
  • Registering new devices in the system
  • Discover the advantages and possibilities of the application
  • Presentation of current and archive readouts
  • Visualization of readout, diagnostic and configuration data in form of graphs and tables
  • Planning, supporting and assessing on-site operations
  • Alarms & configuration management
  • Inventory management
  • Continuous analysis of the parameters
  • relating to key operations necessary
  • for effective business decisions
  • Data export to common files
  • Reporting including billing reports
  • Possibility to share data with end-customer