Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence give purpose to create new business solutions. Intelligent systems allow for deep data analysis, they automate and improve the quality of production and business processes, thus increasing the productivity of the plant.

At AIUT, we use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create advanced solutions for industry and business.
Intelligent robots and systems We design and implement autonomous mobile robots capable of learning and making decisions without the participation of the operator needed. Artificial intelligence systems work for our clients from sectors of industry and Smart City, automating enterprise management as well as predicting and preventing failures (predictive maintenance). Designed and implemented by AIUT,  advanced leak detection system at petrol stations (with deep real-time analysis) is the most accurate solution of this type on the global market.
Research and Development AIUT Research and Development Department designs and implements new business solutions using advanced technologies, including AI. We design, test and deliver modern systems and applications to the market. AIUT performs tasks of developing the concept, prototyping, testing and implementing intelligent robots and devices for production.

Knowledge-based management Intelligent algorithms improve the operation of IT systems. By creating software that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols, we provide our clients with highly effective business management

Smart devices and sensors At AIUT, we design, prototype and further implement for production intelligent devices (loggers) and IoT sensors that are part of the AIUT Smart City IoT solution.

New business knowledge As part of Big Data analysis, we transform huge amounts of data into new business knowledge. We help enterprises optimize processes and manage the company effectively. AIUT systems provide advanced monitoring of industrial machinery and equipment as well as municipal networks and fuel tanks (leak detection, event prediction).

Process improvement We create custom software supported by artificial intelligence protocols for the task of optimizing the work of industrial robots and autonomous mobile robots. We use the technology of Virtual Commissioning to reduce the actual time needed for the implementation of robotic production lines and stations. The solution simulates processes, allowing for the development and improvement of control and automation systems.

deep learning with the use of IoT data loggers and sensors machine learning integrated into the software remote, automatic collection of various data types automatic data transmission sensor and device communication with the AI platform (wireless, WiFi, IoT, short-range, cable) advanced monitoring of resources, including people predictive maintenance image identification systems intelligent environment analysis natural navigation M2M communication decision-making system based on real-time environment analysis leak detection high data security

Industries involved

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover our intelligent solutions and robots supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning protocols.

Fuel industry

We provide advanced monitoring of LPG tanks at gas stations and control of deliveries from the terminal to the customer.

Related capabilities

Research and development

We introduce new, advanced products and services in the field of IoT and industrial automation. Meet our research and development department.

Research and development

We introduce new, advanced products and services in the field of IoT and industrial automation. Meet our research and development department.

Detection systems

AIUT systems alert you on even minimal leaks of fuel from tanks at fuel stations,as well as on gas, water and district heating network failures.