Big Data

The amount of digital resources generated by people and machines has been growing rapidly. AIUT is ready to meet the challenges of the new reality. Our goal is to transform the unexploited potential of information into new products and business services. AIUT Big Data platforms are based on the latest intelligent technologies ‑ all that for your business development.

More accurate analyses with the use of Big Data are becoming crucial while making business decisions and can be the main determinant of the company’s development strategy.

For the benefit of your business

Real-time analysis speeds up the decision-making process
Big Data analysis allows for determining the causes of failures and indicating anomalies or defects in near real-time
Automation of gathering and processing the ever-increasing data generated by the company.
Using artificial intelligence technologies, we design and implement advanced data platforms capable of processing and analyzing any given amount of information.
new business knowledge for improved resource management - for the purpose of process optimization and simulation
Real data monetization
Preventive maintenance solutions are just an example from the wide product list of advanced monitoring systems and data analysis