Business Intelligence

BI systems implemented by AIUT are tailored for each customer individually and preceded by a thorough analysis of the company’s operations and needs. The integration with its key processes enables to achieve the best business solutions.

We help effectively control and shape business processes using advanced data analysis.

We support our partners at every stage of the company continuous improvement process. Our technologically advanced analytical systems enable to transform all company-relevant information into new business knowledge.


This is how AIUT Business Intelligence Centre works

Data acquisition from IoT, production, ERP and other systems
On-premises data storage as well as in IAAS, PAAS and SAAS models
individual approach of data processing process design
Data visualization on dashboards
Providing analytical solutions as a new business knowledge
Co-creating a knowledge-based organization

Take a step forward with us

What do you gain by implementing BI?

  • Intelligent, knowledge-based management model
  • The ability to control and verify strategies
  • Cost-reduction tool
  • Solution tailored to the needs of your business
  • Advanced predictive system using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
  • A utility for verification of existing business decisions
  • Increasing the efficiency of selected areas


Advanced data analysis.
We offer:

Implementation of systems capable of gathering, storing and analyzing the real-time data from many sources or indicating significant trends based on the analysis of historical data. Data warehousing

AIUT Data Center | on-premises solutions | cloud solutions | hybrid solutions

Big Data approach enhances the procedures of data processing and enables to maximize the potential of distributed, raw data.

The Data Lake system is used for data storage, management and advanced analysis.

So-called data cleaning allows you to unify data that comes from various sources and change them into high-quality information. Based on their analysis, we gain new business knowledge.

  • proces optimization
  • knowledge-based decision-making process
  • data integration
  • cost reduction
  • increased business security