Commissioning and tests

AIUT is responsible for commissioning and testing of machines and entire production lines in AIUT Design & Implementation Center as well as turn-key implementation at customer's plant.

We use virtual launch technology - virtual commissioning - to shorten the real time of implementing robotic lines and production stations. In addition, our company creates independent control and testing systems to ensure that your product meets established standards.

Technical capabilities

AIUT has the experience in system together with control and testing station design and construction.

Our solutions can support and supervise any manufacturing process by testing product parameters or cycle speed. Our capabilities include:

  • delivery
  • assembly
  • commissioning
  • virtual commissioning
  • documentation
  • tests and assistance
  • operators' training
  • production system commissioning and technical support
  • short time of production line implementation

Industries involved

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernize industrial installations based on our own solutions and devices. We provide remote monitoring of LPG tanks at service stations

Electronics industry

We carry out comprehensive deliveries of robotized lines and production stations for the production of IoT devices.

Fuel industry

We provide advanced monitoring of LPG tanks at gas stations and control of deliveries from the terminal to the customer.

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