Data Center

Our aim is to provide the clients and partners with high-quality services. That is why we put great emphasis on the standards of maintenance, administration, implementation and security of servers used for data collection and processing.

AIUT Data Center is a response to the dynamic development of the company's IoT department. To ensure the proper functioning of our telemetric ecosystems, we have been exercising full control over our clients' data for over 20 years. We provide services related to IT security, scaling and data storage, while maintaining business continuity in partner companies.

AIUT Data Center

was created to guarantee security and uninterrupted access to data and IT equipment for our customers and partners. AIUT servers provide flexibility and performance of applications in a local or hybrid environment.

Safety as a standard

In our Data Center, we care about all aspects of the entrusted data processing security, including transmission, storage and protection against external attacks.

We own two autonomous data storage spaces in the secure AIUT Data Center environment with guaranteed availability.

AIUT Data Center

  • maintaining the highest security performance of the server architecture
  • extensive Data Center infrastructure
  • modern security
  • qualified staff
  • meeting legislative requirements
  • dedicated servers
  • colocation service
  • over 20 years of AIUT Data Center activity
  • servers tailored to the systems and clients
  • developing and implementing customer reports

24/7 control

We constantly monitor and perform service activities on over 200 servers. Comprehensive care for security procedures and operation continuity of clients' devices is our priority. We keep the systems ready 24/7.