IoT Ecosystem

AIUT technologies and knowledge allow us to design advanced enterprise management systems using the Internet of Things technology. Discover solutions from the AIUT LPG and Smart City group based on dedicated AIUT IoT ecosystems for remote LPG, fuel, gas, water and heat monitoring.

Providing our clients with the position of leaders in business, we offer advanced intelligent enterprise management systems based on IoT (Internet of Things).

Technical capabilities:

The essence of creating IoT ecosystems is smart data analysis which results in specific business solutions such as: a comprehensive method of assessment and management of the fuel supply chain (LPG market) or water (water supply industry) as well as enterprise location of resources (including employees). This is a new quality on the market of Industrial Internet of Things services that AIUT offers to its business partners. Our capabilities include:

  • comprehensive implementation of the IoT wireless ecosystem
  • design and production of IoT devices
  • applications in a hazardous area
  • systems integration
  • IoT, GPRS / SMS communication
  • IoT network construction
  • software
  • remote metering (gas, water, heat, LPG, fuels)
  • fuel resource management
  • meters and prepayment systems
  • data management
  • Business Intelligence
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • fuel resource management systems (gasoline, diesel, LPG, LNG, CNG) at filling stations
  • advanced monitoring of transport and transported product

Industries involved

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernize industrial installations based on our own solutions and devices. We provide remote monitoring of LPG tanks at service stations

IoT Ecosystem

Solutions that can work for you: intelligent monitoring ecosystems, locations and remote reading in IoT technology.

Fuel industry

We provide advanced monitoring of LPG tanks at gas stations and control of deliveries from the terminal to the customer.

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