IoT Networks

IoT AIUT ecosystems operate based on the latest available communication technologies - including LoRaWAN and Sigfox networks - increasing the range of benefits for the customer.

Our company has designed its IoT systems and devices to work with all available data transmission technologies, including low-cost LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) class radio networks - optimized for low power consumption and transmission speed.

Technical capabilities

Where possible, AIUT is increasing the availability of transmission technologies suitable for IoT, which in practice means, among others, comprehensive support in the construction of the city's low-cost LoRa radio communication network for our clients.

Industries involved

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.

Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

We design and modernize industrial installations based on our own solutions and devices. We provide remote monitoring of LPG tanks at service stations

IoT Networks

Our IoT solutions are adapted to work with the latest available transmission technologies - including LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Fuel industry

We provide advanced monitoring of LPG tanks at gas stations and control of deliveries from the terminal to the customer.

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