Research and development

AIUT R&D department is responsible for design and implementation of new business solutions using advanced technologies.

We have the potential and knowledge to provide technological solutions that change the approach to business management in the industrial sector. We constantly develop and improve our services. We expand our competence range by investing in research and development, carrying out innovative projects on the commercial market and with academic centers.

AIUT know-how

Our research unit specializes in designing proprietary solutions and products from the IoT AIUT group, as well as prototyping and implementing new equipment and OEM systems into production. Our experience is reflected in the rich portfolio of available IoT AIUT products and the constantly growing number of business partners.

5 million euros for development

We have 20 years of experience on the IoT market (telemetry solutions). Today, the Research and Development department of AIUT is a team of over 60 highly qualified engineering specialists, who design solutions using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. In the last few years alone, we have allocated more than EUR 5 million to the development of our research and implementation unit.

Artificial intelligence

We analyse, conduct tests and experiments. Our advanced solutions are based on data analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning methods. This way, we provide unique business tools that can serve customers from almost any industry.

AIUT competence teams

AIUT brings together over 500 specialized, experienced engineers, including process automation, electrical, mechanical, mechatronics and robotics engineers. The multidisciplinary character of our teams allows us to respond to the complex needs of our clients and enjoy international recognition. This is confirmed by over 3000 implementations worldwide.

Own technologies and devices

AIUT has its own production lines of IoT devices for remote data readouts from various types of meters, with the possibility of free integration with the client's infrastructure. Such production lines - according to our own design, with assembly in a turn-key model - can be run anywhere in the world.

Business benefits of cooperation

  • Comprehensive implementation of entrusted projects
  • Use of advanced technologies
  • Library of hardware and software components
  • Multidisciplinary project teams
  • Flexible management of the project process
  • Short project implementation time
  • Short time to launch a product/solution on the market
  • High quality of devices
  • AIUT own production line for IoT devices
  • Investments in new technologies
  • Cooperation with research units

The Research and Development department employs:

The team is responsible for the device mechanical design, including housing, adapters and mould design.

The team is responsible for the electronic design, including block diagrams and PCB designs.

The team consists of project managers and specialist engineers responsible for creating and developing dedicated software.

The team is responsible for device certification processes (Atex, IECEX, RED, FCC, IP, protocols, such as Sigfox, LoRa) and ensuring high quality of designed equipment.

The team is responsible for manufacturing prototypes of equipment and providing production capabilities, as well as implementing the product into small batch production.

Cooperation with academic and research centers

We combine the knowledge and experience of AIUT teams, as well as leading research and academic centers. Our solutions are developed in cooperation with specialists coming from and working in research centers of renowned universities in Poland.