Cost reduction

The data-driven business enables you to improve your business strategy and plan processes more efficiently.

We know how important data and knowledge-based decisions are in business management. Our automatic readout systems provide and analyze information regarding your customers' current and historical fuel consumption. With that data, you reduce logistics costs, build an efficient supply chain and achieve designated KPIs.

Automation brings savings

Speed up operations. Don't guess. Estimate. We provide advanced real-time data analysis form all your locations. In this way, you get a new tool for effective fuel supplies management, stock planning and settlements processing.




Reduce your supply chain costs

Increase the efficiency of deliveries (leaves full - returns empty) and build your business advantage based on data. AIUT systems allow you to  manage logistics processes more effectively, thanks to real-time monitoring of your tanks.



Effective route schedule

AIUT provides automatic remote readouts to increase the efficiency of fuel delivery planning and the quality of customer service. Combine deliveries with maintenance services and reduce unnecessary mileage to avoid double travel costs.




Intelligent Data Analysis, improved planning

We use AI technology and deep data analysis so that our solutions bring maximum benefits to your business. Gain forecasting features for stock planning at distributors.



Security alerts and loss prevention

Get the ability to respond quickly to leaks, overfills, and unauthorized refills. AIUT solutions guarantee the highest level of security for leak detection based on current data readout and real-time analysis. All for the benefit of your business and the environment.



Discover the benefits:

  • Continuous control of LPG consumption
  • Security alerts
  • Notifications of low fuel level in the tank
  • Automation of orders and deliveries: exemption of the customer from the obligation to place telephone/on-line orders
  • Optimal and economical management of delivery logistics
  • Forecast of the deadline for the execution of subsequent orders
  • Reduced risk of fuel downtime
  • No risk of stockpile depletion
  • Maximising safety procedures
  • Quick response to leaks, overfilling and unauthorized fillings
  • Remote access to information on fuel level in tanks and support for installation with dedicated applications
  • Rapid return on investment: optimization of daily handling and logistics processes
  • Better planned routes and deliveries thanks to system calculations based on consumption and tank condition data
  • Prediction of consumption based on historical and current data
  • Really increased delivery efficiency (leaves full returns empty)