Data as a service

Invest in information that is valuable for you. As for watching over the correct operation of the system and devices - leave it to us.

Don't want to bother with the system maintenance? Leave it to us. We guarantee the best possible solution. We provide you with information that helps you achieve growth and advantage. You don't have to worry anymore.

A new cooperation model - shared KPIs

Our solutions are to meet the needs and development directions of our clients. In this regard, AIUT strategy assumes a high level of project personalization and full responsibility for the service.




Our solutions, your profit

We are a mature business partner. Our solutions allow enterprises to significantly optimize processes and reduce costs, as well as improve the quality of services provided. To support these declarations, a modern approach to achieving business benefits as part of our Data as a service model is brought.

We provide the information needed for the management to be effective. Together with the client, we are responsible for achieving the assigned business benefits (shared KPIs).



15 years of cooperation with the world's leading companies in the global LPG market

Guarantee of business benefits (PRaaS)

We offer various scenarios for cooperation - from technical support and consulting in traditional models, to sharing responsibility for achieving goals (KPIs) for specified areas in the PRaaS model - Process Responsibility as a Service - which guarantees business benefits for AIUT partners.

Automatic data acquisition

AIUT provides access to current consumption data and real-time security alerts. Our advanced, maintenance-free IoT ecosystem for data acquisition is based on the work of proprietary, certified AIUT devices and the latest wireless transmission technologies.



Reliable communication

We take advantage of new opportunities in wireless communication for remote communication between devices (M2M Machine to Machine) and the IoT ecosystem, thus increasing the range of customer benefits. We cooperate with a wide range of worldwide suppliers of the latest communication technologies.