First-Minute delivery

Our systems support effective planning of the supply grid to let you provide your customers with the highest service quality.

Real-time analytics 

Don't make your customers wait. Ensure fuel delivery to be on time thanks to AIUT solutions. Our systems will inform you about the need to replenish your stock while monitoring current consumption in each location.

  • Forecast of the date of subsequent orders
  • Reduction of risk related to fuel stoppages
  • Zero risk of stock depletion

Increase service quality. Reduce costs

Plan ahead. The system informs you where the fuel supply would be needed. Track the most optimal route, reduce kilometres and transport costs. Optimize working time of your crew.




Stock planning

We know how important the continuity of fuel supplies is. Therefore, the AIUT solution prevents the distributor from running out of resources, helping to plan economically - meaning without unnecessary stock. Consumption reports and forecasts allow you to determine the amount of fuel needed by the supplier while proper alerts indicate the need for a new order to be made.

Complete control over fuel transport

Fuel transport requires modern safety and control systems. With our intelligent systems, we protect what is valuable to our customers. AIUT solutions for remote monitoring of road and rail tankers provide full control of fuel transport all over the world, from the moment of planning to the settlement of delivery.



Leak detection

AIUT developed the most accurate system available on the world market, confirmed with a certificate (SIR3) to detect minimum amount of fuel or water leakage - starting with just 5l/24h. AIUT solutions inform you about the leakage of any type of fuel at stations, leaks of backyard LPG tanks and monitored gas network, as well as about failures of water supply and heating networks.