Global supply tracking

Our intelligent solutions provide AIUT customers with an advanced monitoring of their fuel, regardless of the tanker fleet type used or route taken.

Fuel transport requires special supervision. With our intelligent systems, we protect what is valuable to our customers. AIUT solutions for remote monitoring of road and rail tankers provide full control of fuel transport all over the world, from the moment of planning to the settlement of delivery.

Complete control over fuel transport

Fuel transport requires modern safety and control systems. For this purpose, we have created AMPLI 60 Intelligent Tanker Communication Hub, a maintenance-free, universal and quick-to-implement solution that provides full control of fuel transport, from the moment of planning to the settlement of delivery.

Remote monitoring of rail tankers

Take good care of your fuel security. Our system provides precise GPS monitoring of rail tankers all over the world. This solution helps you improve logistics processes, giving you continuous track of the rolling stock location and the estimation on the delivery time.

Achieve more

AMPLI 60 can be used as a stand-alone communication concentrator ready to work with parent devices and systems, or as part of the advanced AIUT FuelPrime solution for fuel loss reduction, leak detection and end-to-end supply control.