Our devices

The devices we design and manufacture are part of the AIUT Tank Monitoring System.

AIUT runs its own production lines of IoT devices for remote data readouts from various types of meters. Our intelligent sensors are designed to be freely and quickly integrated with the client’s infrastructure. Such production lines - according to our own design, with assembly in a turn-key model - can be run anywhere in the world.

Supply chain protection

We give our clients the possibility of independent production. Building local production centers of our devices guarantees efficient and timely delivery of supplies to AIUT partners around the world.


We adapt our technology to the individual needs of the company and the conditions of our clients. All to provide you with the most effective solution

Certificates and safety

The devices designed and manufactured by AIUT (which are part of an advanced measurement infrastructure) meet stringent technical, quality and safety requirements.

  • AIUT devices are internationally certified for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (FCC and ATEX zones 0, 1, 2).
  • We guarantee failure-free operation of our devices for up to 10 years.s

Independent local production

We value independence and high-quality solutions. We build AIUT local production and competence centers to better address the needs of our customers.

24/7 Global Support

We provide our clients with round-the-clock support.

We support our business partners at every stage of AIUT Tank Monitoring System implementation and operation. If you need help, we work with you to find an effective solution quickly. We run local competence centers in USA, China, Germany, Poland, India and Romania. That guarantees our customers an extremely fast response time in situations requiring direct support.

Discover AIUT hardware

OKO 5xx5

Data transfer reliability, low cost, long battery life - these are the advantages of wireless data gateway for remote LPG tank monitoring.


OKO Cxx5 / APULSE Cxx5

The device provides remote notifications on the current level of fuel in the cylinder, as well as on the available stock or the need to replace the cylinder.



Gain control over the delivery process with a robust LPG level gauge.


OKO Ixx5

A unique and reliable device for remote consumption control thanks to a safety feature of opening and closing gas valve at the customer's site.


IS 26 probe

Extremely accurate, robust, low-cost, state-of-the-art pressure probe for oil tanks.



Reliable, highly configurable, long-life and low-cost sensor for remote monitoring of almost any type of oil tanks.


ALEVEL 1×5 for cellular IoT networks

An intelligent, robust, small and reliable sensor of LPG level in a tank; providing independent transmission of current readouts; click-in installation.


ALEVEL 1×5 for non-cellular IoT

An intelligent, robust, small and reliable sensor of LPG level in a tank; providing independent transmission of current readouts; click-in installation.


Discover AIUT software


Comprehensive application designed to visualize the measurement and diagnostic data. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Perform installations, configure devices, read data automatically from meters in the walk-by system - all via your smartphone.


Gain full control over LPG consumption and inventory. Discover the possibilities and benefits of the application.


From now on, the fuel distribution planning process will become simple and transparent.

SGM Management Console

Application for efficient management of data loggers, meters and consumer profiles. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Convenient, mobile way for controlling gas consumption and remote top-up by the end customer. Via your smartphone, no need to step outside the home.


Supervise the issues and KPI performance, plan the installations and services. All that thanks to one application.