Right out of the box

Start saving now. Perform quick implementations thanks to AIUT out of the box solutions.

We provide ready-made solutions for remote monitoring of fuel tanks. Designed for quick implementation, with the use of the latest wireless communication technologies.

Ready-made and reliable

AIUT strategy is to design its solutions with fast implementation on the global market in mind while maintaining the independence from the communication technologies or limitations related to a specific area or tank type.

Your benefit, our responsibility

We like clear situations. That is why we perform implementations in a trouble-free unattended telemetry model (RMR). Installation, service, programming, integration, implementation and a number of other necessary activities are on our side. You, as our customer, receive real and structured data based on which you can efficiently and smoothly manage your processes. Does this business model appeal to you? Don't hesitate to ask for more details.

Certificates and safety

The devices designed and manufactured by AIUT (which are part of an advanced measurement infrastructure) meet stringent technical, quality and safety requirements.

  • AIUT devices are internationally certified for operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (FCC and ATEX zones 0, 1, 2).
  • We guarantee failure-free operation of our devices for up to 10 years.s




Click-in assembly in no time

It takes less than 10 seconds to have our newest AIUT Alevel 1x5 sensor mounted on your tank





Continuity of measurement data availability

We use advanced, stable and low-cost wireless communication technologies to provide our customers with continuous fuel level readouts from fuel tanks.