Business automation

For more than 20 years we have been providing solutions covering the automation of complex business processes, that allow for efficient and effective management of enterprise assets, support logistics processes of product supply (including fuels and utilities) and sales.

We help in the intelligent management of business processes. Thanks to the technologically advanced AIUT solutions, you can improve your business, enhance the quality of services, increase security and reduce costs. In the area of supply logistics, our systems help you generate savings of over 30%.

Let us take your business benefits to a higher level. Increase and maintain your company's high performance with intelligent AIUT solutions. Discover digital tools for cost-effective supply chain management and detection systems that increase the safety of fuel users and prevent illegal practices. Explore our capabilities.

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IoT Ecosystem

Solutions that can work for you: intelligent monitoring ecosystems, locations and remote reading in IoT technology.

Industry 4.0

We provide advanced solutions for industry and business. Ask about remote implementations.

IoT Networks

Our IoT solutions are adapted to work with the latest available transmission technologies - including LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Software and data integration

We develop high-end systems and applications for business management, including production and business processes.

IT Systems

Optimize processes with advanced systems for industry and business. Discover solutions and possibilities.

Commissioning and tests

We carry out turn-key implementations of advanced industrial automation along with testing phase at our headquarters.

Advanced services

Advanced AIUT technologies in Industry 4.0: virtual implementations, intelligent robots, resource localization and enterprise management systems.

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