Gas, oil and petrochemical industry

Our knowledge and experience makes our systems for the petrochemical market one of the most effective in the world, which is confirmed by certificates and legalisation certificates granted to us.

AIUT solutions have been working for years for the largest representatives of the global petrochemical market. The compatible systems we designed create modern solutions, that ensure full monitoring of fuel throughout the entire supply path of the product - from the fuel terminal to an individual customer at the fuel station.

Our solutions work for the largest representatives of the petrochemical industry in global markets.

We are the market leader in fuel management systems at service stations. Our intelligent solutions from the AIUT FuelPrime Group provide the most accurate leak detection and full monitoring of the supply of any type of fuel - including LPG - giving our customers full control over transport, as well as loading and sales processes.

The extensive competence of the AIUT team in the field of process engineering allows us to develop and supply complete petrol vapour recovery installations, air-tightening and volatile compounds reduction systems, biogas plant control systems, as well as DSC systems for gas pipeline pumping stations. Discover our solutions and capabilities.

AIUT designs and provides in a turn-key model:

  • complete petrol vapor recovery installations
  • encapsulation and reduction of volatile compounds
  • biogas plant control systems
  • installations for the production of sulfuric acid
  • sulfur transport and storage installations


IoT Ecosystem

Solutions that can work for you: intelligent monitoring ecosystems, locations and remote reading in IoT technology.

Industry 4.0

We provide advanced solutions for industry and business. Ask about remote implementations.

IoT Networks

Our IoT solutions are adapted to work with the latest available transmission technologies - including LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

Software and data integration

We develop high-end systems and applications for business management, including production and business processes.

IT Systems

Optimize processes with advanced systems for industry and business. Discover solutions and possibilities.

Commissioning and tests

We carry out turn-key implementations of advanced industrial automation along with testing phase at our headquarters.

Advanced services

Advanced AIUT technologies in Industry 4.0: virtual implementations, intelligent robots, resource localization and enterprise management systems.

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