FORMICA 1, the autonomous mobile robot, is AIUT response to growing market demand for automated and digital production. Our technologically advanced self-propelled AGV robots ensure both process optimization and increase in the efficiency, especially of entities operating in the manufacturing, storage and logistics sectors.

Formica 1 - always ready for work

FORMICA 1, our autonomous mobile robot, is a response to the growing requirements for transportation tasks set by the most demanding customers.

Intelligent transportation

Equipped with intelligent software and advanced safety systems, our autonomous FORMICA 1 mobile robots can act as both product carriers and mobile production stations. In terms of navigation, we adapt our vehicles to the needs of a particular facility, and the implemented cognitive analysis allows the robots to make individual decisions regarding the choice of an optimal route, without the operator's activity needed.

Maximize your plant's potential using an autonomous AGV robot.
Improve performance and make better use of your resources.
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Discover FORMICA 1

FORMICA 1 is an autonomous, intelligent mobile robot that can support the work of enterprises with the traditional-mannered supply of components needed at production lines ‑ acting as an independent transport platform integrated with the production line. A wide range of the robot’s functionality allows us to easily adapt this mobile platform to the changing needs of your company.

Thanks to AIUT technology, the role of our vehicles can be transformed into self-propelled, cobot-equipped machinery, that's capable of performing specific tasks directly on-board. This is how AIUT mobile production stations are created - a new link in a flexible production line.

What can FORMICA 1 perform?

Discover the benefits and functionalities

FORMICA 1 is an intelligent vehicle, ready to work in any industrial space. It ensures automatic transport of components from the storage area to the assembly station. It can also be used as a self-propelled transporting platform.

The solution can be fully adapted to the needs of an enterprise, integrated with existing industrial automation systems and superior production management systems. The robot has a lifting capacity of up to 1 ton (extendable). It moves smoothly in both directions and rotates relative to its midpoint.

The extensive navigation system based on LIDAR technology allows the robot to create a virtual map of the work environment and track traffic in its vicinity to choose the optimal route (without interfering with the infrastructure of the plant). The vehicle makes decisions based on both real traffic and information from the fleet management system, adapting its response to the situation (it can slow down, stop, change the route, and others). FORMICA 1 anticipates and bypasses high-traffic zones and excluded areas. The intelligent analysis allows the platform to predict various events.

Built-in advanced, certified safety systems guarantee full control of FORMICA 1 operational area. The safety system allows staff to work freely near the vehicle's activity zone.

Moreover, the Safety System detects non-standard obstacles on the designated route and gives full control over the transported load.

For maximum protection, FORMICA 1 safety systems enable a 360° panoramic scanning around the vehicle. All obstacles below the laser beam level are detected by active bumpers located at the front and rear of the robot. The obstacles above are detected thanks to 3D cameras.

FORMICA 1 is equipped with a unique BlackBox module, featuring a camera system and keeping a record of the vehicle's operating parameters. Also, an IMU module is implemented, verifying vibrations, overloads and external impacts - providing full insight into the operating history of the robot (with the ability to retrace events).

FORMICA 1 is equipped with the latest generation of prismatic lithium-ion cells - successfully used in electric cars and others. Rechargeable battery along with a battery change system and automatic charging scenario ensures virtually uninterrupted operation of the plant. The batteries used enable long operating times (of up to 8-10 hours) and an extremely fast vehicle charging process.

FORMICA 1 comes in two variants: with a lifting transport plate or with retractable coupling pins. In the first option, the robot verifies the transported load mass. For safety purposes during the operation, the load’s center of gravity is checked repeatedly.

FORMICA 1 is a natural extension of the existing production and logistics management system in a company. Our solution can be fully adapted to customer needs and integrated with existing automation systems. For FORMICA 1, it is possible to modify the parameters of the device in terms of meeting transportation requirements, loading and unloading stations and the level of process automation.

FORMICA 1 mobile robots can cooperate with an advanced system of locating resources and people in the space of production halls. This gives the system a full view of the current state of any movable objects (forklifts, AGV-s, pallets, trolleys, people). As a result, a highly accurate traffic analysis becomes an object of further optimizations in terms of the arrangement of permanent elements or managing the personnel's work.

Remote implementations

We supervise the implementation and customization process. We provide technical support. We offer pilot launches and tests at your site. We prepare reports along with a recommendation for further actions.

Our technologies allow the proper implementation process to take place remotely - without the direct participation of our operational team in your factory.

Industries involved


Automate logistics processes with autonomous Formica 1 mobile robots

Business automation

We automate production and business processes.


Automate logistics processes with autonomous Formica 1 mobile robots


Automate logistics processes with autonomous Formica 1 mobile robots


Automate logistics processes with autonomous Formica 1 mobile robots


Automate logistics processes with autonomous Formica 1 mobile robots