End-to-end supply control

AIUT FuelPrime is an advanced system for reducing fuel losses, detecting leaks and controlling end-to-end deliveries.

FuelPrime is a fully automatic, the most accurate in the world, certified system for reconciliation and detection of fuel leaks at stations. The solution provides comprehensive supervision over the processes of distribution and sale of fuels along its entire supply path from the terminal to the individual customer at a petrol station.

One solution, full control

Manage fuel stations in a smart way. Our advanced system ensures remote monitoring of fuel tanks, reduction of fuel losses, leak detection and control of supplies at petrol stations. The solution also enables delivery audits. The system identifies cases of probable defects caused during transportation process (e.g. inaccuracy of nozzles, tank leak, unlawful external actions), which are the basis for complaints and control of deliveries. Thanks to FuelPrime, you gain control over your fuel along the entire supply path from the terminal to the individual customer at the service station.

Discover all possibilities and benefits of FuelPrime solution

  • Full automation of the fuel terminal
  • Integration, delivery, system maintenance
  • Authorization on entering / leaving the terminal area
  • Automation of driver and vehicle identification process
  • Automation of management and visualization software
  • Loading control system
  • Pipeline metering
  • Supervision over order and delivery processes
  • Full control of supply
  • Mobile application for drivers
  • Communication hub for road tanker system integration
  • Optimization of costs and invoicing processes
  • GPS position monitoring of tank trucks or rail tank cars
  • Forecasting of travel time, location and vehicle status (moving / stopped)
  • Identification of leaving / crossing zones, border crossing points, loading zones, country borders
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Mobile application for users
  • Monitoring of fuels in gasoline, oil, LPG, CNG / LNG tanks
  • Consumption forecasting, supply optimization
  • Preventing inventory depletion
  • Mobile application for drivers and system managers
  • Email/SMS notifications about dead states, low level or overflow, water in the tank
  • Constant reconciliation and leak detection at 5l/24h (SIR3)
  • Wet stock management
  • Identification and reduction of fuel losses
  • Release identification
  • Dedicated internet portal for managers
  • Analytical center, certified methods SIR2 and SIR3
  • Identification of vehicles, distributors, payments
  • Mobile application and reports for managerial staff
  • Authorization and integration of distributors
  • Sealing financial transactions

FuelPrime with SIR3 certification at the top of global solutions


Detection of minimal leaks (SIR 3)

FuelPrime is currently the most accurate system available on the world market with a confirmed certificate (SIR3) capable of detecting minimum leakage amount starting with just 5l/24h.

Our system guarantees the highest level of security for leak detection based on the calculation method used, as well as data readout and real-time analysis.

The certificate was published on the National Work Group on Leak Detection Evaluations.

Monitor remotely, manage intelligently

The FuelPrime solution is fully automatic, compatible with other systems and independent of station infrastructure (probes, fuel distributors). AIUT system provides telemetry devices for tank monitoring, a station controller that collects sales data on an ongoing basis, a central system that allows remote supervision of stations, and finally analytical algorithms (SI) that process data and perform a number of business functions. It takes a few hours to fully start the system at the station, without interrupting its operation.

FuelPrime allows monitoring of various products, including liquid fuels (gasoline, diesel) and alternative fuels (LPG, LNG, CNG).

The system guarantees the highest level of security for leak detection based on online data readout every 15 minutes and its real-time analysis.

Available on the global market, FuelPrime is the most accurate system with the ability to detect minimum leakage levels from 5 liters per day (5l/24h) and confirmed by SIR3 certification.

Our system is an intelligent business tool, designed on the basis of machine learning methods and artificial intelligence algorithms. We transform the data obtained in the acquisition process into new business knowledge for the benefit of your business. Information analysis takes place in real time, which speeds up the decision-making process.

Our analysts from AIUT Analytical Center provide world class leak detection and other fuel loss services, including in the delivery and transport process. AIUT Analytical Center conducts full diagnostics of equipment operation, reducing losses on supplies and sales as well as operational risk. AIUT team is also responsible for reporting station alarms, managing loss investigations and supporting environmental protection activities.

  • Local support, permanent access and quick help
  • 24/7 cooperation and support
  • Responsibility for system proper operation
  • FuelPrime portal for customers - a web application
  • Dedicated BI reports (Business Intelligence)
  • Intelligent sensors and IoT gates

We are a mature business partner, ready to share responsibility for achieving goals (KPIs) set by our clients.
We offer our system in PRaaS (Process Responsibility as a Service) model which guarantees business benefits.


  • daily and online fuel balancing
  • alerting about potential threats
  • tank auto-calibration
  • supervision over distributor calibration
  • leakage and theft detection
  • accounting for deliveries
  • fuel consumption prediction
  • supply optimization
  • preventing dead states and overfilling