Home consumption control

Discover a convenient solution for users with home LPG tanks. We will help you to protect your customers' needs.

Our system works for you and your customers. How? Thanks to current hourly readouts, it allows for economical and timely management of deliveries, reducing the risk of fuel depletion in the tank. The solution gives remote control over consumption and payments.

Deliveries always on time

Discover a convenient solution for users with home LPG tanks. Our system allows for remote, hourly fuel consumption readouts, so you can properly and in advance plan your fuel purchases and your supply network to the benefit of your customers.

Remote control of the gas meter valve

Gain control over the timeliness of payment by the recipient. We know that supervising payment dates requires a lot of time and generates additional costs, so our system helps you to build good payroll habits at the user's by allowing remote control of the internal valve in the gas meter without the need for physical access to the gas meter.

Simple installation and management

Dedicated mobile and desktop applications streamline the process of installing devices in a given location and enable online access and management of data.

Advantages of the system:

  • remote hourly fuel consumption readouts
  • control
  • efficient fuel purchase planning
  • automatic information on the need to refill the LPG container
  • automatic generation of fuel delivery orders
  • optimization of the fuel supply network
  • no risk of depletion of gas stocks
  • cost reduction
  • control over payments
  • remote control of the internal valve of the gas meter close - open
  • online data management
  • quick return on investment
  • wireless communication SRD, GSM, IoT
  • compatible with a wide range of above-ground and underground tanks
  • low, critical fuel level alarms
  • ATEX certificate
  • intuitive application

Our devices


Universal, intelligent LPG level sensor for LPG tanks, providing ongoing control of consumption by the recipient, among other features.


OKO Ixx5

A unique and reliable device for remote consumption control thanks to a safety feature of opening and closing gas valve at the customer's site.


Our applications


Comprehensive application designed to visualize the measurement and diagnostic data. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Perform installations, configure devices, read data automatically from meters in the walk-by system - all via your smartphone.


Supervise the issues and KPI performance, plan the installations and services. All that thanks to one application.

SGM Management Console

Application for efficient management of data loggers, meters and consumer profiles. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Convenient, mobile way for controlling gas consumption and remote top-up by the end customer. Via your smartphone, no need to step outside the home.


Gain full control over LPG consumption and inventory. Discover the possibilities and benefits of the application.


From now on, the fuel distribution planning process will become simple and transparent.