LPG (propane) on fuel station

Receive remotely the level of LPG available at the station in real time. Maximize security procedures by detecting the size and time of delivery. Gain full control.

Remote monitoring system for LPG tanks at fuel stations

The IMR Tank monitoring system is designed to monitor the level of LPG gas in tanks at fuel stations. The solution increases safety during the gas delivery process by controlling the level of filling up, at the same time contributing to significant optimization of delivery processes, eliminating the risk of fuel depletion.


Safety first

The issue of ensuring maximum safety for users at fuel stations is a priority for us. Our intelligent, certified systems guarantee the safety of our customers and station operators, provide business benefits while working for the best possible protection of the environment, minimising the risk of uncontrolled leaks.

Today more than 500 fuel stations use our solutions

Remote acquisition systems

Within one solution, the user has access to up-to-date data through remote acquisition systems (radio, GSM) and locally through existing ATG systems.

The data from the tanks, on which the ALEVEL 02x5 system fuel level sensor is mounted, is transferred to the OKO 5xx5 concentrator. The readouts are transmitted to the acquisition server via GSM network or by radio to the station building.

For the user's convenience, the system is equipped with a fuel level indicator (ARANGE 1003), which communicates via NFC with a dedicated application installed on a smartphone.

Advantages of the system:

  • Maximising safety procedures at fuel stations
  • Detection of gas volume and delivery time
  • Prevents overfilling during gas supply and dead states
  • Real-time LPG level data available at the station
  • Elimination of uncontrolled depletion of the LPG tank stock
  • Permanent access to data through remote acquisition systems (radio, GSM) as well as locally (through existing ATG systems)
  • Cooperation with station controllers
  • Cooperation with almost every float level indicator
  • Tank level indicator communicates with a dedicated application installed on your phone
  • Low and critical gas level alarms in the tank
  • ATEX certificate
  • The system supports environmental protection

Our devices


Universal, intelligent LPG level sensor for LPG tanks, providing ongoing control of consumption by the recipient, among other features.


OKO 5xx5

Data transfer reliability, low cost, long battery life - these are the advantages of wireless data gateway for remote LPG tank monitoring.



Gain control over the delivery process with a robust LPG level gauge.


Our applications


Comprehensive application designed to visualize the measurement and diagnostic data. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Perform installations, configure devices, read data automatically from meters in the walk-by system - all via your smartphone.


Gain full control over LPG consumption and inventory. Discover the possibilities and benefits of the application.


Supervise the issues and KPI performance, plan the installations and services. All that thanks to one application.


From now on, the fuel distribution planning process will become simple and transparent.