LPG tank monitoring

Our intelligent platform for remote monitoring of LPG tanks allows for current fuel consumption readout and effective planning of the supply network.

Discover a modern remote monitoring system for LPG tanks that enables effective supply management and brings savings in the fuel distribution process.

New device group

We have created a universal platform for data readouts from LPG tanks, based on a new group of intelligent AIUT Alevel 1x5 sensors.

Our remote monitoring system for LPG tanks is a new generation solution that allows automatic and remote data reading, analysis, and presentation - regardless of the LPG tank type, its location or communication technologies available in a given area. As part of the solution, we adapt the AIUT infrastructure (sensors, communication technologies) for each customer tank location, creating one coherent communication ecosystem for effective management of the supply grid.

Alevel 1x5 intelligent sensors

The solution includes an intelligent fuel level sensor installed on the LPG tank (ALEVEL 01F5, ALEVEL 02x5), providing independent wireless communication with the IoT system (LPWAN), or working in configuration with an external data concentrator (OKO 5xx5). As part of the solution, a customer gets access to applications that enable convenient and fast installation, and provide 24-hour information regarding fuel level in tanks.



Reliable communication

AIUT advanced technologies have allowed us to create intelligent devices that provide continuous, round-the-clock readouts, regardless of the communication options available in your location. Data transmission is possible through various communication technologies, such as IoT (LPWAN), NB-IoT, LTE Cat. M, GSM or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).



Data always on time

The AIUT platform enables efficient data readouts, supply management and cost-effective planning of the LPG supply grid. That guarantees a reduction in existing operating and logistics costs. All within one coherent ecosystem that transmits and presents data through a convenient application.





Advantages of the system

  • 24/7 remote access to current fuel level data in tanks
  • automatic, hourly LPG consumption data transfer
  • efficient supply management
  • savings in transport logistics
  • optimization of product orders on the distributor side
  • solution based on wireless communication
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • alerts on low or critical fuel level
  • independence from infrastructure: system compatible with a wide range of above-ground and underground tanks and level gauges
  • ATEX Zone 0 certificate
  • easy installation, no tools needed
  • GPS module available as an option
  • long-life battery (more than 10 years)
  • intuitive applications for convenient and fast installation

Our devices

OKO 5xx5

Data transfer reliability, low cost, long battery life - these are the advantages of wireless data gateway for remote LPG tank monitoring.


ALEVEL 1×5 for cellular IoT networks

An intelligent, robust, small and reliable sensor of LPG level in a tank; providing independent transmission of current readouts; click-in installation.


ALEVEL 1×5 for non-cellular IoT

An intelligent, robust, small and reliable sensor of LPG level in a tank; providing independent transmission of current readouts; click-in installation.


Our applications


Comprehensive application designed to visualize the measurement and diagnostic data. Discover the possibilities and advantages for the user.


Gain full control over LPG consumption and inventory. Discover the possibilities and benefits of the application.


Perform installations, configure devices, read data automatically from meters in the walk-by system - all via your smartphone.


From now on, the fuel distribution planning process will become simple and transparent.


Supervise the issues and KPI performance, plan the installations and services. All that thanks to one application.